This page provides you with an overview of the best IGCSE Geography Resources.

Past papers

Here are the top 3 past paper websitesresources  you can use to practise before your exams. (Should two of them crash due to overload, you can always visit the third).

  • Xtremepapers: has past papers from 2002 to 2015 onwards, and specimen papers for the 2016 examination. Easily downloadable PDF files
  • Igcsecentre:  has past papers from 2002 to 2015 onwards, and specimen papers for 2016. The website also offers study advice and online courses for other IGCSE subjects eg. Biology and English
  • Papacambridge: has past papers from 2002 to 2015. Easy to navigate.

Alternative IGCSE revision websites

If you are seeking more information on a topic, or looking for a different way in which the material is presented, I can highly recommend the following web pages.

  • Greenfieldgeography is created by Daniel Greenfield, a geography teacher in the UK. He has a mass of information on his website and very useful case studies. Besides, he offers information for the IB geography course.
  • Buddinggeographers is a wikispaces website created by my geography teacher, Ms. Sengupta. Even though the website is still under development, the information that has been presented is very thorough.
  • Igcserevision  offers high-quality notes from a former IGCSE student who achieved an A* in her Geography exams.


In case your internet access is limited, but you still like to study using a computer, you can download these study guides, that provide you not only with awesome information on geography, but have incorporated practise questions.

NB: They are not specifically tailored to the IGCSE exams.


Do you prefer to watch videos when you revise? If so, this channel may just be what you need to do well on your exams.

Revision Songs:

The Christelle Music channel has some great IGCSE Geography songtexts for popular tunes.