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A Comprehensive Guide on IB Subject Choices

Don't know which IB subjecst to choose? Check out my step-by-step guide and find answers for the most common subject choice questions.


Do you need an IB revision course – and how to tell?

I'll tell you whether revision courses are as great as everyone will says and whether you really need to attend.

A Star Student’s Secret Study Tactics

You'll learn two never-mentioned that real revision champions use, and I'll show you how to apply them to your situation.

Scheduled: Your Revision Timetable for Cramming

Would you agree with any of these statements? "Even though I've studied throughout the year, there are so many topics that I haven't covered yet. How can I focus on those topics that will have the greatest impact on my... Continue Reading →

2 Authentic Tips for A Realistic Schedule

Are you sick of pulling all-nighters to play catch-up with your work? I'll show you how to avoid these time-management blunders.

Case Study Answer Series: Summer 2012

7 Mark Answers for the Case Studies of the IGCSE Geography 2012 Summer Exam.

4 things you should do if you failed an exam

How to recover after exam failure and go from 40% to the highest grade possible.

The Psychology of Procrastination

I'll show you how to tweak your language, use active study techniques and avoid ditractions to reduce procrastination.

How Lifehack is Lying in your Face about Procrastination

A warning about the inspirational feel-good advice from the likes of Lifehack, and what to do instead.

Countdown Alert: How to Cram for Looming Exam

Haven't studied? Try my full-blast revision formula to cram your complete course in an hour and maximise your score.

How to understand a difficult topic

Have you ever felt like you couldn't get your head around a topic covered in class? I'll show you the steps to nail it nonetheless.

Combat Study Fatigue: How to Take a Healthy Break

Discover 3 fun workouts combat and study fatigue and get rid of the stiffness and pains of crouching in your seat.

How to Care Less: Say No To Homework Stress

I'll show you three simple tips to cut back on school, stop obsessing over grades, and have enough social time.

How to Write Body Paragraphs That Suck Less

Have you ever read that essay whose amazing logical flow of ideas mesmerised you? Learn how to write such amazing paragraphs!

3 Lessons Learned by Going Offline

Internet abstention can be more of a hindrance than a help. Read this post to find out why.

How to Write a Standout Essay

Learn about Cal Newport's amazing approach to essay writing and how it works for IB students. I'll show you how to build on his system to make it your own.

Geography HL: How to Write the 10-Mark Essay

Geography HL: I'll show you the key ingredients for a perfect score on the 10-mark essay of Paper 3.

How to Boost your IB Score in Language A and Maths

Revealed: What advice would IB examiners give their students? It could be the difference between a high 5 and a low 6!

How the Internet is Messing With Our Brains – Announcing an Experiment

Learn about the internets impacts on our brain and how it may be the reason for your bad grades. And a digital detox!

Study Mistakes: How I Was Illuded by Productivity

Is your life dominated by school? Discover how to break this link and read about an unconventional theory on procrastination.

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