Do you know that clouded, hazy feeling when you’ve been spending the past 3 hours doing homework and nothing else sinks in? Or when your back is aching and your neck and shoulders are stiff from bending over your work?

We often feel lethargic and exhausted after studying for many hours or tackling challenging assignments.

But let’s imagine that we’ve got another stack of work that has to be done.

How can we cope with yet another humungous pile without falling asleep on our desk, or sacrificing the quality of our work?

We can overcome our exhaustion, referred to by experts as study fatigue, by taking productive and healthy breaks.

Let me clarify what I mean: a productive and healthy break is NOT one in which we drift off to social media, update our Whatsapp status or float around YouTube and finally return to our work with even less motivation than we started.

We want to take a break that increases our mental capacity, so we can get the work done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Scientists have found that exercise is the single best way for us to revitalise our energy and focus, and many writers about studying have accredited and discussed this idea. The problem, however, is that while they say we should exercise, you’re inevitably left alone to answer the question how? .

But I want to help you by showing you a number of workouts that will not only compensate for the mental stress of studying, but also allow you to improve your looks.

30 Days of HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gets your blood pumping and your sweat dripping within a matter of minutes. Even though you’ll probably be very exhausted after one of these workouts – physically that is –  you’ll feel mentally refreshed when you go back to work.

My all-time favourite HIIT workouts are from Darebee: they’re fast (usually under 15 minutes) and challenging, and you don’t need equipment. Check out  the link and the image below: 30 Days of HIIT

Merged screenshots from Darebee
Merged screenshots from Darebee


30 Days of Cardio Blast

Also from Darebee, this workout is for all of you cardio fans who don’t want to spend hours running on a treadmill. As with the 30 days of HIIT workouts, you don’t need any equipment, as you alternate between cardio routines and HIIT workouts.

Even though the workouts from this programme are slightly longer, they may be easier for you if you’re new to fitness, or bodyweight exercises.

30 Days of Cardio Blast: Darebee Workout
30 Days of Cardio Blast

Because of the physical stress of one of these workouts on your body, I recommend that you do no more than one of these a day.

So what can you do if you need more than one burst of exercise to recover from sitting in a chair all day?

Fortunately for you, Darebee also has a great workout which can be done again and again:

Fast and Dangerous HIIT

fast and dangerous hiit.png

With these suggestions and the vast range of other free bodyweight workouts on Darebee, you can always take a quick break from your studies to come back more energised. If you’ve got any other workouts you like to do to break up your homework and test preparation, please let me know, as I’d love to try them.

PS: I am not affiliated with Darebee, or any other sites. My recommendations are my own opinions.